Hogwarts RP
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10 GBP
  • Permanent
Become a VIP on the server and get access to:

  • Special spells:
    Obscuratio Balloonico Collapsio Inflatus
    Engorgio Reducio Punchek Duo  
  • Faster XP gain!
  • Access to two VIP wand skins!
  • And access to over 20 (and growing) VIP jobs including:
    Harry Potter Ron Weasley (Early unlock prefect) Hermione Granger (Early unlock prefect)
    Albus Dumbledore (Light Forces RP leader) Lord Voldemort (Dark Forces RP Leader) Sirius Black (with Animagus ability)
    Ghosts! Rogue Wizards/Witches Dobby and Kreacher!
You will also get access to an in-game chat tag, Discord tags, and any future additions to the package!
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Animagus Pack!
  • Permanent
With this pack, you get permanent access to a range of animagus forms, no matter what job you're playing as! When more get added, they'll be including with the package!

The animagus forms are:

Bear Cat Deer Hare
Lion Pig Penguin Rat
Badger Dog Goat Niffler
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Patronus Package!
  • Permanent
The Patronus package will allow you to switch what animal you conjure when using Expecto Patronum!

Change them at will and further your RP!
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Support the Server
Custom amount
  • Permanent
If you don't want a package but just want to help support the server costs, feel free to donate any amount you would like!

You will get a Discord tag!
Custom Job!
20 GBP
  • Permanent
Purchase your own custom role within the server! You choose their story and how they fit in!

----------------------What you get----------------------
  • Choose a custom playermodel from the workshop! (Cannot be NSFW, a cartoon, or anything not remotely human, and must look as if it can fit in with the lore of Hogwarts. The PM will be approved or denied before the job is added.)
  • Categories - Choose their role within Hogwarts
    Auror Spells: White Apparition, Vulnera Sanetur, Deletrius, Confringo  
    Death Eater Spells: Black Apparition, Avada Kedavra, Crucio, Morsmordre, Levicorpus  
    Snatcher Spells: Black Apparition, Obscuro (New spell being added soon!)  Equipment: Cuffs
----------------------Please Note----------------------
You will be defined by the rules of the category you pick. As such, if you have Black Apparition as the category you choose, you can only use this where allowed (Dark Forest and going to the Quidditch Pitch unless Lockdown).

If you would like to select the "Other" category, you must give a detailed explaination of what it is. Reverb will then contact you to discuss it and, if approved, will decide on the spells you will receive as to not make a job OP.

----------------------Once Purchased----------------------
Once purchased, please contact Reverb for the form (covers all details of the Custom role)
For more information, please contact Reverb either in-game or on Discord.

Once the custom job has been added, we will not change things constantly. If you required something changed, it can lead to an extra cost.

Inactivity for longer than 2 months can cause the Custom Job to have an additional slot sold to any other player to ensure we do not have jobs wasted. If not, the job can be removed from the server either temporarily (we will hold on to the data for it but remove it to free up space) or permanently.
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